But seriously, now I want rotisserie chicken

I was in my office typing a report today and listening to music. My office door is behind me and it was open so my coworkers can yell stuff at each other throughout the day. One of my coworkers (I’ll call her Suzanne) and I often have yelled conversations.

So anyway, I’m engrossed in my typing and I hear her talking.

Suzanne: Hey Jess.

Me: Hey girl. What’s up?

S: You gonna go to Costco today?

Me: I wasn’t going today, but I’m going this weekend. Why?

S: Why don’t you grab one of their rotisserie chickens?

Me, still typing: That’s a good idea! You keep saying how good they are.

S: *pause* Ok. You better make a list.

I stop typing and grab a post it: Good idea. Hey, I’ll buy some more of those granola bars we all like. The ones with the extra protein?

S: Ok baby. See you later. *louder voice* Jess, I was talking to my husband Jesse. Sorry, sometimes I call him Jess.

Me: Are you serious? I just had a whole ass conversation about chicken with you!!!

Suzanne and my other coworker burst into deep belly laughing. Like, busted a gut laughing. I start cracking up.

Me, laughing: Suzanne, why didn’t you SAY something to me? I’m just babbling away like a dumbass!

S: I didn’t want to say anything to interrupt you.

Me: Jesus. But seriously, y’all want me to pick up those granola bars?

Both coworkers: Yup!

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